Kopar Khairane

GIBS’s Visionary Series in Bangalore: GIBS’s Global IRE Summit, Campus Biz Day, and Finance Conclave Unite for Change

GIBS in Bangalore held an extraordinary trio of events this February: the Global IRE Summit, Campus Biz Day and GIBS Finance Conclave 1.0 – each one demonstrating its leadership in cultivating responsible innovation, entrepreneurship and cutting-edge financial strategies. Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz and Dr. Wolfgang Amman joined eminent figures such as Dr. Bruce Aronson to explore ethical business innovation and responsible leadership during this one day summit on February 13th, 2024. Following closely, Campus Biz Day on February 15th transformed the GIBS campus into a bustling hub of entrepreneurial talent, with PGDM students presenting over 90 innovative products. On February 16th, GIBS Business School hosted its Finance Conclave featuring finance eminence such as Mr. Apratim Banerjee and Mr. Soundar Raj who shared invaluable insights into financial management practices that are shaping global economies today and in the future. Together these events underscored GIBS Business School’s dedication to cultivating leaders capable of successfully navigating and shaping this dynamic world of business.

Global IRE Summit: Promoting Responsible Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship

The Global IRE Summit hosted by GIBS IRE School has long been recognized for its role in encouraging ethical innovation and entrepreneurship as well as solidifying its reputation as one of Bangalore’s best business schools. Concluding February 13, 2024, this event encapsulated GIBS Business School’s core value of “Learn, Earn, Return”, showing their unwavering dedication towards incorporating ethical considerations and sustainability practices into business operations.

Keynote speakers such as Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz and Dr.Wolfgang Amman provided invaluable perspectives on humanistic management and strategic innovation management, respectively. Other renowned speakers like Dr. Shiv K Tripathi and Dr. Anastasia Kiritsi also added valuable perspectives about aligning business practices with global standards of responsibility and sustainability.

The Global IRE Summit served not only as an intellectual hub but also provided an ideal setting to forge new partnerships and develop actionable change strategies. Through its successful conclusion, it has profoundly altered the dialogue surrounding sustainable business practices – placing GIBS Business School at the forefront of this vital discussion.

Campus Biz Day: GIBS Business School Transforms into a Marketplace of Ideas

On February 15, 2024, at GIBS Business School in Bangalore, Campus Biz Day showcased its vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to community engagement – reinforcing its status as a top PGDM college in Bangalore. Led by first-year PGDM students’ innovative efforts and featuring 30 colorful stalls offering over 90 products ranging from handicrafts to gourmet snacks, Campus Biz Day offered an unrivaled showcase of creativity and entrepreneurial prowess fostered at GIBS by its students.

Attracting over 200 attendees, including faculty, staff, students and members of the local community, Campus Biz Day was not simply an event but rather a celebration of collaborative culture and entrepreneurial zeal. Such participation demonstrated GIBS Business School’s supportive and inclusive atmosphere – it showcased innovation, community involvement and an inclusive educational experience – three elements that set it apart as both a top business school in Bangalore and an incubator of future entrepreneurs.

The event featured an exciting array of stalls and activities, offering attendees fun games, live music performances, attractive offers, and encouraging a sense of fellowship and joy. Campus Biz Day went beyond being a commercial venue; it was a means to build valuable relationships and strengthen our community’s bond. The attendance of distinguished guests, such as our Managing Director and GIBS leadership, lent the event additional significance, showcasing the important role student initiatives play in our school’s ethos.

The day ended with a vibrant DJ night, uniting everyone in dance and celebration, perfectly encapsulating the spirit and potential within our community. Campus Biz Day’s triumph is a reflection of our PGDM students’ hard work, creativity, and entrepreneurial drive, supported by the faculty and staff’s encouragement. On this special occasion, we demonstrated not only our institution’s pioneering spirit but also our collective effort and accomplishments as the essence of GIBS Business School.

GIBS Finance Conclave 1.0: An Exchange of Ideas and Networking among Finance Professionals

GIBS Finance Conclave 1.0 was hosted by the Global Institute of Business Studies on February 16th, 2024 and proved an essential gathering for finance professionals and enthusiasts. This event cemented GIBS’s standing as one of the premier postgraduate management courses in Bangalore. Featuring esteemed speakers like Mr. Apratim Banerjee from Wipro Canada and Mr. Soundar Raj from NXP Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd., the conclave offered deep dives into financial management and strategies in key sectors like technology and semiconductors. With additional insights from entrepreneurs and banking executives like Mr. Senthilkumar Rajendran and Mr. Santosh Ramesh, the event bridged the gap between academic learning and industry practices. It served as a dynamic platform for networking, sharing innovative financial strategies, and fostering connections for future collaborations. This conclave underscored GIBS Business School’s commitment to enriching the educational experience with industry-relevant knowledge and networking opportunities, reinforcing its position as a leading destination for finance education in Bangalore.

The conclave also provided attendees with a prime networking opportunity, enabling them to interact with both speakers and peers alike, leading them to potentially form partnerships or new ventures. Hosted at GIBS Business School, it highlighted their dedication to offering an educational experience which bridged theoretical knowledge with real-world industry insights.

GIBS Business School’s inaugural Finance Conclave 1.0 demonstrated its dedication to financial education, while further positioning them as one of the premier PGDM colleges in Bangalore for aspiring finance professionals. Through such events, GIBS continues to add meaningful discourse and practice of finance; equipping its students to lead successfully within today’s ever-evolving financial environment.

GIBS of Bangalore’s events such as the Global IRE Summit, Campus Biz Day and Finance Conclave 1.0 demonstrate a comprehensive approach to education that integrates practical industry engagement and ethical considerations. This unique blend not only bridges theoretical knowledge with practical application but also fosters instills responsibility and ethical leadership among its attendees.

Collectively, these events represent GIBS’s vision of providing a holistic education that equips its students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and ethical foundation needed to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. By fostering responsible innovation, entrepreneurship, and financial acumen in its students, GIBS is training a generation of leaders ready to create positive change in our world. Furthermore, their success highlights community engagement efforts made possible by educational institutions – making GIBS an exemplar model for business education in the 21st century.