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“Bench Foakes’s glovework is the fastest,” says former England keeper Alec Stewart, “but MS Dhoni had quick hands.”

<p>Ben Foakes, the England wicketkeeper, has been dependable behind the stump throughout his team’s tour to India. In the two games that have ended of the current five-match series, he has claimed six catches and two stumpings.</p>
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<p>The 30-year-old’s glovework has been praised by former England player Alec Stewart, who has drawn comparisons between it and the great former Indian captain MS Dhoni, who is well-known for his work behind the wickets.</p>
<p>“He performs tasks that no one else is able to.” He has the fastest hands around,” Stewart said.</p>
<p>The former wicketkeeper said, “MS Dhoni had quick hands, but Foakes has the quickest hands in the game and the ball stays in them.”</p>
<p>Director of cricket at county club Surrey, Stewart, praised his countryman for his amazing work ethic and attention to detail.</p>
<p>“He possesses immense innate skill, yet his diligence and focus on details are among the best I’ve encountered, both during my playing career and since taking on this role,” the sixty-year-old said.</p>
<p>“He doesn’t skip a beat. He focuses on details, and the quality of his work is remarkable,” he said.</p>
<p>The former goalkeeper expressed his satisfaction that Fokaes, after undergoing such rigorous training, was able to achieve the outcome he accomplished.</p>
<p>“He knew there would be a lot of spin bowling, so he focused 80 percent of his training on his standing-up skills, which he excels at any rate—bouncing, twisting, and keeping the ball low. That is the reason I was so happy for him—after all the hours he spent, he now gets to enjoy some of the catches he made.</p>
<p>Given the circumstances in India, Stewart said that Foakes concentrated on certain aspects of keeping and put forth a lot of effort.</p>
<p>We would talk about where his hands are, how high he can reach, and how his feet are positioned. He takes the lead. We utilized the Merlin spin machine, which produces both spinning and bouncing mats. We also used mats with holes punched into them. We can do it from ten or eleven yards, or from 22 yards. Since he moved here from Essex in 2014, we have worked on the things he has identified as priorities.</p>
<p>Stewart also praised Foakes’ bat skills and his physical and mental toughness, hailing the 30-year-old as a man of strength.</p>
<p>“He’s the best in the world, as I stated a while back, and given the right conditions, he could be playing 50 or 60 Tests, but I understand the need to balance the side, which is why he hasn’t played (more).” He went on, “People shouldn’t undervalue his batting.”</p>
<p>“In first-class cricket, he averages just under 40 and has been a part of several match-winning partnerships while playing for England.” It is necessary for you to possess both physical and mental strength and fitness. The most important thing is to know what to do when you lose an opportunity. That’s what he does well,” Stewart said.</p>