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We have a very strong possibility, in my opinion, of winning the T20 World Cup: Holder Jason

<p>The men in maroon, according to veteran West Indies all-rounder Jason Holder, have “the same chance that anyone else has” of winning the upcoming ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.<br />
Holder believes that all of the teams competing in the major competition, including Australia and Nepal, are quite well-prepared to win it.</p>
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<p>“I believe that our chances of winning the T20 World Cup are on par with everyone else’s. Because I believe every squad is equally balanced, I have no expectations. It is irrelevant how many stars you have in T20 cricket. Nepal is your World Cup opponent. Simply because of the structure, they have a same chance of winning the World Cup as Australia and India,” Holder was cited by Cricbuzz.</p>
<p>The 32-year-old believes that the United States and the Caribbean will really profit from the competition. The tournament was last held in the West Indies in 2010, and the outstanding all-around player thinks that the region’s economy would grow and attract more visitors as a result of its return.</p>
<p>“We are thrilled to be hosting the event as the hosts. We are hosting the T20 World Cup for the second time. When we initially held the event, I’m sure everyone saw that we had a fantastic competition. It’s something very wonderful for both regions, and the USA will also be hosting it,” he remarked.</p>
<p>“I believe that spreading the game is incredibly important for USA cricket as well. The game is growing to become a global powerhouse. The occasion, in my opinion, will be very beneficial to both the Caribbean people and our economy. It will draw visitors, because people like the Caribbean, which is an incredibly lovely region. Hopefully, it will benefit both our economy and governments. And like everyone else, I believe we have a great chance of winning the World Cup,” he said.</p>
<p>Holder said he was sad not to be a part of the West Indies’ recent tour (Test) of Australia, but he did choose to play franchise T20 events throughout the globe instead of signing the central contract earlier to “prioritize the T20 World Cup.”</p>
<p>“When I was at ILT20, I watched a lot of the Test series. I felt really proud. I was very interested in watching the series (against Australia) to see how the younger men would fare. Not really perform, only survive in the surroundings. I never go into a cricket match expecting anything. My primary purpose in watching is to learn. I was extremely pleased when I watched the Test series,” he said.</p>
<p>“I felt let down by my absence. Being apart from the lads made me feel horrible. It was fantastic, in my opinion, since I now miss it much more. It motivates me even more to return to the field,” he said.</p>