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Transfer News: Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City “may be tempted” by the latest offer from Saudi Arabia

<p>The Saudi Pro League is still looking for elite players, as seen by recent rumors indicating that Kevin De Bruyne, a great midfielder for Manchester City, is once again being considered for a summer transfer.</p>
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<p>The Belgian superstar, De Bruyne, was reportedly being courted by the Cristiano Ronaldo-led Al Nassr in October 2023 for a reported sum of about 50 million euros. The Saudi Investment Fund (PIF) has reportedly shown interest in the player once again.</p>
<p>The Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), which is well-known for its role in high-profile football signings, has apparently gotten back in contact with the player and sees him as their main goal for next summer, according to sports writer Rudy Galetti.</p>
<p>After suffering a muscular injury in Manchester City’s Premier League opener against Bournemouth, De Bruyne’s season has been hampered by injuries. The Belgian needed surgery for the same issue, which turned Pep Guardiola’s worst nightmares into reality and kept the key playmaker out of the game for most of the current campaign.</p>
<p>However, the Belgian was only observed working out with his City colleagues and was named in the starting lineup for the treble-winning team’s Premier League matchup on December 30 against Sheffield United.</p>
<p>De Bruyne’s current contract with City finishes in 2025, therefore in the summer of 2024, when his contract will still have one year remaining, he may think about considering his alternatives. It’s also possible that De Bruyne might be interested in leaving the team given his advanced age, which worries some people.</p>
<p>Man City has also added Kovacic and Matheus Nunes as midfield reinforcements. Similar to KDB, Phil Foden is now playing in midfield. Maybe he will change his earlier opinion about going to the SPL.</p>
<p>The possibility of Kevin De Bruyne joining the Saudi Pro League brings an interesting dimension to the football scene as the summer transfer window draws near.</p>