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The IND vs. ENG Test series is expected to see Mohammed Shami miss two games, while Surya may not start the IPL

<p>Mohammed Shami and Suryakumar Yadav, two of the best players in India, are probably going to be out from cricket matches for a little longer. The opening two games of the India versus. England Test series are probably going to be missed by Shami, who is now out for India owing to an ankle injury. On the other hand, Suryakumar Yadav is said to have a hernia and would require surgery to treat it.</p>
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<p>Shami’s ankle troubled him throughout the 2023 World Cup, a competition in which he performed well. He still doesn’t bowl, therefore at the NCA, he will have to demonstrate his fitness. “Shami needs to show his fitness at NCA; he hasn’t even begun to bowl. For the first two Test matches against England, he is uncertain. In contrast, Yadav will require longer than anticipated. It might take him up to eighteen weeks to resume training following his hernia surgery. He should be well for the IPL, hopefully,” a BCCI insider stated, as reported by the Indian Express.</p>
<p>Due to a sports hernia, Surya may not start in the IPL.<br />
Due to what is supposedly a sports hernia, T20 powerhouse Suryakumar Yadav will also be sidelined. According to TOI, SKY will have surgery in Germany. “SKY was diagnosed with a sports hernia lately. At Bengaluru’s National Cricket Academy, he is now recovering. He is scheduled to go to Munich, Germany in two to three days for surgery. It implies that he most likely won’t participate in the Ranji Trophy this season for Mumbai and won’t be available for the Mumbai Indians’ first IPL games,” a BCCI insider stated, as cited by the English Daily.</p>
<p>Remarkably, Surya had likewise sustained an ankle injury and required surgery for it. During the T20I series between India and South Africa, he sustained an injury to his ankle. SKY is anticipated to remain for a few weeks and is not included in the Afghanistan T20I team.</p>
<p>Similar to Shami, he was granted a break from the next tasks after bowling at his peak during the ODI World Cup. Shami was included in the Indian Test team for the series against South Africa, but the BCCI medical team did not give him the all-clear. It now looks likely that he will miss the first two matches against England. The first Test match between India and England will take place on January 25 and the second match on February 2.</p>