Kopar Khairane

Say Goodbye to WordPad! Microsoft Removes Another App for PC Users After 25 Years

<p>Another outdated product that will not be included in the Windows 11 operating system is being discontinued by Microsoft. We are referring to WordPad, which has been around for more than 25 years and has helped millions of people by acting as a reliable Word alternative. The new feature was discovered in the most current Windows 11 beta release, which states that after doing a clean OS install, the WordPad and People programs will no longer be installed.</p>
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<p>WordPad is going to be upgraded and eliminated in a later flight. It won’t be possible to reinstall WordPad. WordPad is no longer supported by Windows. WordPad will work on Windows 11 as long as you don’t install the most recent beta release, according to the update. WordPad has always had two lives inside the Microsoft corporation.</p>
<p>It used to be thought of as a better choice than Notepad and as a substitute for Word. However, WordPad’s versatility hindered its ability to really establish itself as the go-to program for Windows users.</p>
<p>When the upgrade goes live, WordPad will no longer be available from Microsoft, marking the first time since it was initially made available for Windows in 1995. Microsoft now states unequivocally that Word and Notepad are your only alternatives if you have been using WordPad for your work. Since the app was designated as obsolete in September of last year, the corporation seems to have scheduled this day for 2023 itself.</p>
<p>The WordPad app not receiving the usual dark mode update that many other Microsoft applications have received recently was another significant clue. Microsoft has plans to provide its consumers with further AI-enabled services and applications in the future. Its AI-PC age is already heavily reliant on Copilot, and in the next months, additional developments are anticipated.</p>