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Olympic Hockey FIH Qualifiers It’s “Do or die” for us, and we’re prepared: Savita

<p>According to skipper Savita, India’s confidence has increased ahead of the Olympic Qualifiers after winning the Asian Champions Trophy. She expressed faith in the squad’s seasoned players to assist the women’s hockey team qualify for the Paris Games.</p>
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<p>When the Olympic qualifiers are contested here from January 13 to 19, eight nations—including the host India—will be fighting for the top three slots in order to secure berths for the July–August Paris Games.</p>
<p>The Asian Champions Trophy victory has inspired the squad, especially Savita, according to a Hockey India statement.</p>
<p>The players on the squad have all competed in the Olympic Qualifiers before and are fully aware of the caliber of play required to advance. Our preparations have been serious. We are prepared for the task since this is a “do or die” excursion for us.</p>
<p>The top three teams will earn a spot in the Paris Olympics.</p>
<p>The teams competing include the hosts India, United States, New Zealand, Italy, and defending Olympic silver medallists Germany. Former Asian Games winners Japan, Chile, and the Czech Republic are placed in pool A.</p>
<p>“Every team member aspires to compete in the Olympics.” Vice-captain of India Nikki Pradhan said, “That is the ultimate dream and since coming in Ranchi earlier this week, we have got some good training sessions in the ground.”</p>
<p>“There’s a lot of enthusiasm among Jharkhand hockey fans as well as the team members, and I’m sure they’ll show up in big numbers to support us.”</p>
<p>On January 13, India will play their first game against the United States. On January 14, they will play New Zealand.</p>
<p>India will face Italy on January 16 after a day off, with the semi-finals on January 18 and the final on January 19.</p>