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Nutrify Today launches “Nutrihub: The Heart of Nutraceuticals Marketing Success” podcast series on its Nutrifytoday Phone app

Bangalore, 6 February 2024- In a paradigm-shifting move that reverberates across the nutraceutical industry, Nutrify Today proudly introduces its latest venture, “Nutrihub: The Heart of Nutraceuticals Marketing Success.” This visionary podcast series, meticulously curated and hosted by Gillian Fish, the esteemed Founder and CEO of The 6AM Agency, emerges as a beacon of insights, trends, and strategies that promise to reshape the global nutraceutical landscape.

The Nutrihub podcast is not merely a collection of conversations; it is a symphony of visionaries, featuring global leaders in nutraceuticals engaged in candid and transformative discussions. CEOs and CMOs from industry giants will unveil the intricacies of their success stories, laying bare the tactics and innovative practices that have propelled their brands to unprecedented heights.

At the helm of this groundbreaking initiative is Amit Srivastava, the visionary Founder and CEO of Nutrify Today. With unwavering determination, Srivastava envisions Nutrihub as a pivotal player in unlocking the immense potential latent within the Indian nutraceutical market. This podcast series stands as an integral component of the $100 billion highway program, garnering unequivocal support from both government and industry leaders on a global scale. Srivastava underscores the creation of a collaborative environment, where innovation and strategic marketing intertwine harmoniously for the mutual benefit of brands and consumers alike.

The distinguished Gillian Fish assumes the role of podcast host, adding a layer of brilliance and finesse to Nutrihub. Recognized for her passion and track record in delivering commercial results through innovative marketing strategies, Fish expresses gratitude for the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, emphasizing that “conditions are always perfect” for brands to leverage growth, even in challenging times.

However, Nutrihub is not just about disseminating information. It is a conduit for tangible takeaways, offering brands actionable insights to implement in their quest for success. Fish’s incisive questions delve deep into the industry’s most pressing challenges and opportunities, providing a roadmap for brands to navigate the complex terrain of the nutraceutical world.

Fish, in her wisdom, advocates for agility, continual learning, and a laser-focused approach to audience needs as fundamental elements for triumph. By harnessing the power of data, artificial intelligence, and deep listening, brands can strategically position themselves for growth, especially in times when consumer well-being solutions take centre stage. Fish fervently encourages brands to marry these insights with their business objectives, creating a robust foundation for a triumphant marketing journey.

The Nutrihub podcast, in its diverse array of episodes, promises to cover a gamut of topics. From global industry insights, content marketing tactics, and the role of expert commentary, to the examination of the latest marketing trends with a keen emphasis on the transformative impact of AI. The series will also explore sustainability and purpose-driven marketing, providing invaluable insights into how these crucial elements are influencing the direction of the industry. For marketers seeking impactful commercial results, Nutrihub offers practical advice and actionable strategies. Moreover, the podcast will delve into region-specific approaches, such as cross-border e-commerce in China, the dynamics between practitioner and consumer brands, and the nuances of direct selling.

The Nutrihub podcast is now available on leading platforms, including Nutrify Today, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Subscribers can anticipate regular updates on new episodes, ensuring they stay abreast of the latest expert insights designed to enhance their nutraceutical marketing strategies.

Nutrify Today stands at the forefront of advancing the nutraceutical industry, offering a dynamic platform for innovation and knowledge exchange to drive growth and success. Meanwhile, The 6AM Agency, founded in 2002 by Gillian Fish, stands as a beacon in wellbeing communications. Driven by a deep understanding of health and good living, the agency’s values are rooted in Ubuntu – “I am because we are” – an African philosophy built on kindness, compassion, and connectedness. Renowned for its work with world-leading brands and Key Opinion Leaders across the globe, The 6AM Agency boasts a portfolio of health, wellbeing, good living, and lifestyle clients across B2B and B2C markets based in Australia, Asia, Japan, and the United States.

Nutrihub: The Heart of Nutraceuticals Marketing Success is not merely a podcast; it is an invitation to embark on a revolutionary movement. Dive into the Nutrify Today universe, where industry leaders share insights that can chart a course for business success in the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of nutraceuticals.

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