Kopar Khairane

Masterclass in Filmmaking: Pankaj Parashar’s Transformative Workshop at AAFT

Noida: The Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) recently hosted a transformative three-day cinema workshop led by the illustrious filmmaker Pankaj Parashar, known for his acclaimed films such as “Jalwa,” “ChaalBaaz,” “Aasman Se Gira,” and “Banaras,” as well as iconic TV serials like “Karamchand” and “Ab Ayega Maza.” This intensive workshop aimed to equip AAFT’s cinema students with practical industry skills and insights directly from a veteran of the Indian film industry.

Throughout the workshop, Pankaj Parashar generously shared his extensive experience and profound knowledge of filmmaking. He engaged students in the actual process of film production, providing them with a hands-on learning opportunity that involved both the supporting cast and crew from AAFT. This unique approach allowed students to gain real-world experience under the guidance of a master filmmaker.

The workshop provided a rare and invaluable experience for AAFT’s cinema students, as they had the opportunity to work closely with Pankaj Parashar over several hours each day. They witnessed firsthand the intricacies of film production and direction, all within the professional environment of Marwah Studios. The practical exposure and mentorship from a filmmaker of Parashar’s caliber were both inspiring and educational for the aspiring young filmmakers.

Reflecting on his time at AAFT, Pankaj Parashar expressed his delight in mentoring the students. “It has been a wonderful experience for me to share my expertise with these talented young individuals. The environment and education at AAFT are truly exceptional. The discipline and dedication of these students towards cinema are impressive, and I believe they are well-prepared for successful careers in the industry. I am glad to have contributed my share of knowledge to these future filmmakers,” said Parashar.

AAFT President Sandeep Marwah also expressed his gratitude towards Pankaj Parashar for his significant contribution to the institution. “We are incredibly thankful to Pankaj Parashar for his efforts and the time he dedicated to this workshop. His presence has greatly enriched our cinema course and provided our students with an extraordinary learning experience. It is an honor to have him as part of our academic journey,” Marwah stated, while presenting Parashar with the life membership of the International Film and Television Research Centre.

The workshop concluded on a high note, leaving a lasting impact on the participants. The students departed with enhanced skills, newfound knowledge, and a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process, all thanks to Pankaj Parashar’s mentorship. This workshop underscores AAFT’s commitment to providing its students with unparalleled educational experiences and industry exposure, preparing them for successful careers in the dynamic world of cinema.