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John Abraham Gives A Warming Tribute To Pankaj Udhas, His “Mentor”

<p>Following a protracted illness, renowned ghazal maestro Pankaj Udhas, famed for hits like Ahista, passed away on February 26. Around eleven in the morning, the renowned soprano who made a name for herself playing background music for Bollywood movies, departed from this life.</p>
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<p>Soon after his passing, messages of sympathy arrived from all directions. Actor John Abraham, who had collaborated with Pankaj Udhas in his early career, was among many who conveyed their grief at losing a life mentor.</p>
<p>John Abraham posted on his X account, saying, “You kept me near when I was just getting started. In so many respects, you are my mentor. I hope you have a peaceful slumber. You will always be missed by me. Additionally, he released a still from the song Chupke Chupke, which included collaboration between John and the late vocalist.</p>
<p>John Abraham has referred to Pankaj Udhas as his “mentor” before. John appeared in the song video early in his career, and the actor has always credited the singer as an influence. “I look at sir (Pankaj Udhas) as a mentor because when I came into this industry as a model, the first person who graciously accepted me in his music video was sir,” John said in an interview with IANS in 2012. “With Chupke Chupke he is the one man who is more than responsible for my success,” the actor had said.</p>
<p>Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with several other musicians in the profession, sent their condolences for the renowned vocalist. “We mourn the loss of Pankaj Udhas Ji,” the writer said. “His Ghazals spoke directly to the soul and his singing conveyed a range of emotions.” His songs lasted over centuries, making him a shining example of Indian music. I remember all the many things I’ve done with him throughout the years. There will always be a gap in the music industry after his departure. My sympathies to his family and supporters. Om Shanti.</p>
<p>Reputable ghazal vocalist Pankaj Udhas wrote poignant songs that ruled playlists. Started in 1980 with Aahat, his hits like Tarrannum and Mukarar topped the charts. The voice of Pankaj Udhas adorned classic Hindi film songs like Naam’s Chitthi aayee hai. As a reward for his services to ghazal and charity, Udhas was bestowed with the Padmashree Award in 2006. Over the years, he released many albums and presented a great deal of live events, which helped him become more well-known.</p>

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