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Director of Maya Darpan, Tarang, and Kasba, Kumar Shahani, dies at the age of 83

<p>On Sunday, Kumar Shahani, a pioneer of parallel cinema and renowned for his revolutionary films like Tarang and Maya Darpan, died away. He was eighty-three. He stood out for his distinct narrative technique, which was inspired by masters like Tarkovsky and Pasolini. In addition to being a renowned director, he was also a writer and educator, known for pieces like “The Shock of Desire and Other Essays.” Future filmmakers will continue to be inspired by his legacy.</p>
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<p>At Pune’s Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Shahani pursued her education. He was said to be one of director Ritwik Ghatak’s favorite pupils. Subsequently, Shahani traveled to France to work as an assistant to Robert Bresson on Une Femme Douce. He views Bresson and Ghatak as his instructors. The National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi went to Maya Darpan, which was based on a narrative by Nirmal Verma. Other well-known movies that Shahani directed include “Char Adhyay,” “Tarang,” “Khayal Gatha,” and “Kasba.”</p>
<p>In Khayal Gatha (1989) and Bhavantarana (1991), Shahani’s two personal films on music and dance, he concentrated more on depicting ordinary life. He compared and contrasted historical and contemporary accounts of the khayal form in Khayal Gatha. Shahani’s 1997 cinematic adaptation of Tagore’s 1934 book Char Adhyay was his second film. He pushed Odissi dancer Nandini Ghoshal to go beyond her training in order to depict the character’s journey beyond social norms when he cast her in the part.</p>