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Ben Duckett smashes the third-fastest Test century by a visiting hitter on Indian territory in the match between India and England

<p>Duckett’s outstanding effort demonstrated his ability as a dynamic and aggressive batsman since it was his third Test century overall and his first in India.</p>
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<p><strong>Ben Duckett Joins A Premier Cricket Club </strong><br />
The Kent left-hander needed only 88 balls to reach the century mark, which is the third-fastest century by a visiting batsman in Test cricket on Indian territory. Duckett’s century arrived like a flash.</p>
<p>Along with being the quickest Test century for England against India, it was also the fastest century ever for the famous Graham Gooch, who set the previous record in 1990 at Lord’s with a century off only 95 balls.</p>
<p>Playing in his 18th Test match, Duckett showed off his frightening touch right away, hitting the boundary with a variety of beautiful strokes, including 20 fours and a dominant six. He hammered Indian pacers and spinners equally, seeming unconcerned by them.</p>
<p>In terms of balls faced, the fastest Test century ever achieved by English players outside of their own country is:<br />
Harry Brook – 80 balls, Rawalpindi, 2022<br />
Rawalpindi 2022 – Zak Crawley – 86 balls<br />
Kevin Pietersen – Spain’s Port 2009: Eighty-eight balls<br />
88 balls, Ben Duckett, Rajkot 2024*<br />
Ollie Pope – 90 balls, Rawalpindi, 2022<br />
In terms of balls faced, the fastest Test century ever achieved against India in India was:<br />
Adam Gilchrist: 84 balls, Mumbai WS 2001<br />
Clive Lloyd – 85 balls, Bengaluru, 1974<br />
88 balls, Ben Duckett, Rajkot 2024*<br />
99 balls, Ross Taylor, Bengaluru, 2012<br />
Ben Duckett Is Lauded For His Incredible Ton<br />
The southpaw English player made a boundary off Mohammed Siraj that took him over the three-figure threshold. He received thunderous praise for his accomplishment from the English side as well as the passionate audience.</p>
<p>Among Duckett’s fans was Indian opener Shubman Gill, who in the second Test in Vizag had struck a century that won the match. As Duckett inscribed his name in the record books with a show of daring strokeplay reminiscent of Gilbert Jessop’s historic innings, Gill joined in the chorus of gratitude.</p>
<p>Ben Duckett puts India under pressure.<br />
Duckett’s victory celebration, which included a happy fist pump, a joyful air punch, and the symbolic removal of his helmet, perfectly captured the absolute excitement and satisfaction of his incredible accomplishment. Ollie Pope and other teammates joined in the celebration as Duckett relished the historic moment and celebrated his first century on Indian soil in style.</p>
<p>A tribute to his fortitude and tenacity at the wicket, Duckett almost avoided being hit by one of Jasprit Bumrah’s deadly yorkers earlier in his innings. Notwithstanding the thrilling moments, Duckett’s outstanding batting put England ahead early in the game, putting India on the back foot and laying the groundwork for an exciting match to come.</p>