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A timeless masterpiece: “Ghatashraddha” will be restored by the Scorsese and Lucas foundations

<p>The 1977 film Ghatashraddha, directed by renowned director Girish Kasaravalli, will be restored. The Film Heritage Foundation (FHF) spearheaded the program in partnership with George Lucas’s (Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation) and Martin Scorsese’s (The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project) charities. The plan is to use the original camera negatives that are kept at the National Film Archive of India to repair the movie in time for its 50th anniversary.</p>
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<p>Kasaravalli is appreciative that these renowned directors chose his movie. It was mentioned to me a few days ago. I had communication with the director of the Film Heritage Foundation, Shivendra Singh. He took the lead because he believed the movie needed to be restored since he enjoyed it so much.</p>
<p>Kasaravalli Girish<br />
According to Kasarvalli, “He was the one who had communication with the foundations. Based on a book by renowned Kannada author UR Ananthamurthy, the historic Indian film was Kasaravalli’s feature film debut. “I directed this movie right after graduating from the Film and Technology Institute of India (FTII).” I was just twenty-five. My goal was to create something like to Malgudi Days and Samskara. It so happened to be based on one of Dr. Murthy’s compelling stories. With a narrative like this, anybody could have created a fantastic movie, as I have said several times, claims Kasaravalli.</p>
<p>The 73-year-old director believes the picture has remained relevant over time due to its “composition and the cinematic use of grammar and rhetoric,” in addition to its compelling narrative. A movie cannot be excellent only by telling a tale. “You have to be in charge of the medium,” says Kasaravalli, who also notes that the film was produced at a period when it gained international attention.</p>